Tran Minh Trung

Ph.D., Hanoi University of Science and Technology – School of Electronics and Communications

ITRC Project (BrOMA)

Posted by trungtm on June 22, 2007

Research Topics

  • Research on a service model for next generation mobile internet access systems, performance comparison and analysis of existing access systems.
  • Research on core technologies for wireless access for next-generation mobile internet access systems
  • System level performance analysis of wireless access technologies in multi-cell environments and research on improvement methods.
  • Performance analysis of linkages between proposed access systems and network technologies

In these topics, now we are focusing on finding the way to increase system performance at network and MAC layer.

  • Optimal uplink scheduling in multi-cell environment
  • TCP performance improvement
  • Flow based MAC protocol
  • Voice support over multi-channel MAC protocol


  1. T.M.Trung , J. Mo “VMcMAC: A multi-channel MAC protocol for voice over wireless Ad-hoc networks,” , IEEE Communications Letters , vol. 11, no. 5, May 2007.
  2. T.M.Trung , J. Mo, and S.-L. Kim, “A Flow-Based Media Access Control (F-MAC) for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks” , IEICE Transactions on Communications , Vol. E89-B (3), p.756-763, 2006.

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