Tran Minh Trung

Ph.D., Hanoi University of Science and Technology – School of Electronics and Communications

Multi-Channel Mac Protocols Survey

Posted by trungtm on July 2, 2007

  1. Approaches:
    • Dedicated Control Channel (2 radios)
      • Dedicated control radio & channel
        DCA [Wu2000], DCA-PC [Tseng2001], DPC [Hung2002].
    • Split Phase
      • Time divided into alternate (i) channel negotiation phase on default channel & (ii) data transfer phase
        MMAC [J.So2003], MAP [Chen et al.]
    • Common Hopping Sequence
      • All idle nodes follow same hopping sequence
        HRMA [Tang98], CHMA, CHAT [Tzamaloukas2000]
    • Parallel Rendezvous
      • Each node has its own hopping sequence
        SSCH [Bahl et al.], McMAC (our own proposal)
  2. Selected papers:
    • SSCH [Bahl04]
    • McMAC [Wilson07

Download PPT files: Multi-Channel Mac Protocols Survey

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