Tran Minh Trung

Ph.D., Hanoi University of Science and Technology – School of Electronics and Communications

Curriculum vitae


Education Background


B.S. in Electronics and Telecommunications,HanoiUniversity of Technology,Vietnam


TOEFL – CBT 213 (~550 PBT)


M.S. in Wireless Communication, Information andCommunication University,Korea


Ph.D. in Wireless Communication, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea


Awards and distinction


Best paper award at “ICU pride” intra-conference.


First prize at MMRC groups contest (including ICU, KAIST MMRC groups), ITRC-Mobile MarketPlace project, Korea.


–          Implementing and evaluating MP3 streaming over wireless Ad-Hoc networks testbed (using Laptop, PDA with PCMCIA Orinoco Wireless LAN Cards).


Distinguished Contribution Award from FPT (Top IT Corporation in Vietnam).


–          Having a recognized contribution to the development of the company.


Second prize at the conference of doing research hold by Hanoi University of Technology.
  –          Developing an Internet self-study (ISS1.3 – VB) program for ISP users.


Professional Experiences


Senior Researcher at Standards Research Center, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute


–          Developing IETF standards including the Logical Interface Support for multi-mode IP Hosts and the Flow Mobility support in Proxy Mobile IPv6 (NETEXT WG).–          Implementing Wireless Mesh Testbed System (Extending the open802.11s to support Multi-channel)


Co-Researcher with WIMAX forum – working group


–          Implementing WIMAX-HARQ simulation  module in NS-2
[2006-2007] Co-Researcher with WiFlex group, NSF, Berkeley, USA
  –          Implementing Flexible MAC Protocols for Configurable Radios in NS-2.
[2005-2008] Research assistance at Wireless Internet Networks Lab, ICU, Korea
  –          Proposing a Multi-channel MAC protocol to support Voice and Video traffic over Wireless Mesh Networks (VMcMAC).–          Proposing a Flow-Based Wireless MAC protocol to improve the performance of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks (F-MAC).
[2005-2006] Research assistance at Grid Middle-ware Research Center, ICU, Korea.
  –          Proposing a Quorum Based Wireless Grid Resource Management System.–          Implementing a Mobile to Grid Surrogate Host in Java.
[2002-2004] Research assistance at Radio Resource Management & Optimization Lab, ICU, Korea.
  –          Proposing a Flood Filtering and Route Selection for Energy-Efficient On-Demand Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (FFRS).-          Implementing and evaluating MP3 streaming over wireless Ad-Hoc networks testbed. (writing interface for PCMCIA Orinoco WLAN card)
[1999-2000] Visiting Researcher at the Zittau- Goerlitz College, Germany.
  –          Conducting the UIS (University Information System) research.
[1998-1999] Networks Administrator at FPT Telecom, Hanoi, Vietnam
  –          Managing an Internet Service Provider System.-          Developing a Remote Router Control program (RRC1.0), for CISCO Router 2509,2511 and 3Com Router, NetBuilderII).

–          Developing an Internet self-study (ISS1.3 – VB) program for ISP users.


Research interests

–          Wireless Communication:

  • Wireless MAC and Routing Protocols (WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Mesh, and Wi-Flex, ZigBee – 802.15.4)
  • Wireless Internet Application (Voice and Video streaming over Wireless Mesh Networks (IPTV, IP Phone, Video Conference …).
  • Proxy Mobile IPv6, Flow mobility, Inter-technology Handover.
–          Embedded system:

  • Network of Embedded Systems (Wireless embedded sensor networks).

–          Wireless Grid Networks

  • Grid Resource Management system.

Technical skills

–          Operating system: Linux (Family), Unix, TinyOS, Windows (200x, CE)

–          Languages: C/C++, AWK, Perl, TCL/TK, Shell Scripts, Visual Basic, ASP, PHP, Java scripts, Java, Python

–          Simulators: NS2 and MATLAB

–          Wireless Standards: IEEE 802 .11(x) and IEEE 802.16(x) , IETF – PMIPv6, MIPv6 and MIF related standards

–          Wireless Protocols: Multi-channel MAC protocols (McMAC, SSCH, MMAC, … ), Ad-hoc routing protocols (AODV, DSR, OLSR …)

–          Wireless LAN Device drivers: PCMCIA Orinoco, LinkSys

–          Software radio: GNU radio, USRP (using Small device C compiler to build the firmware for the microcontroller on the USRP)



Instructor at ICU, Korea


–          ICE0125: Programming Fundamentals II – C/C++
[2006-2007] Teacher assistance at ICU, Korea
  –          ICE0698: Modeling and Simulation–          ICE1332: Mobile Computing
[2000-2002] Teacher assistance at Electronics and Telecommunication Faculty, Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam.
  –          Data communication system.–          Microprocessor system.
[2000-2002] Instructor at FPT-APTECH Computer education center.
  –          Network programming.–          Database management system.


–          Members:

  • IEEE

–          Reviewer:

  • IEEE INFOCOM 2007, 2008
  • IEEE Communications Letter
  • IEEE HUT-ICCE 2006, 2008
  • Journal of Communication and Networks (JCN-07)

–          Organizer member

  • IEEE HUT-ICCE 2006-2008-2010


–          Professor Young-Hee Lee

  • Title: Professor, Vice-chairman of Study Group 7, ITU-T
  • Address: Information and Communications Univresity(ICU) 119, MunjiRo, YusongGu, Daejon, 305-732Korea
  • Phone: +82-42-866-6112
  • Email:

–          Professor Jeonghoon Mo

  • Title: Associate Professor,
  • Address: Younsei University, Shinchon-Dong Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone: +82-2-2123-5729
  • Email:

–          Professor Seong Lyun Kim

  • Title: Professor,
  • Address: Younsei University, Shinchon-Dong Seodaemun-Gu, Korea
  • Phone: +82- 2-2123-586
  • Email:



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