Tran Minh Trung

Ph.D., Hanoi University of Science and Technology – School of Electronics and Communications



  1. T.M.Trung, J.Mo, “A Multichannel TDMA MAC Protocol to Reduce End-to-End Delay in Wireless Mesh Networks”,  ETRI Journal, Accepted  (Will be appeared on October issue)
  1. J. Lee, J. Mo, T.M. Trung, J. Walrand, and H. So, “Design and Analysis of Cooperative Multichannel MAC Protocol for Heterogeneous Networks”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol 59, No 7, September 2010.
  2. T.M.Trung , J. Mo, “VMcMAC: A multi-channel MAC protocol for voice over wireless Ad-hoc networks,”, IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 11, no. 5, May 2007.
  3. T.M.Trung , J. Mo, and S.-L. Kim, “A Flow-Based Media Access Control (F-MAC) for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks”IEICE Transactions on Communications, Vol. E89-B (3), p.756-763, 2006.
  4. T.M.Trung, S-.L. Kim, “Flood Filtering and Route Selection for Energy-Efficient On-Demand Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks” , Lecture Note in Computer Science, LNCS2928, Springer 2004. Pages 239-250.

Working papers:

  1. T.M.Trung, Y.H.Han, “Flow mobility support in Proxy Mobile IPv6”, to be submitted to IEEE Comm. Magazine feature topic on “Recent Advances in IETF Standards”
  2. T.M.Trung, J.Mo, “Flow-Based Channel and Time Slot Assignment in Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Networks”,  to be submitted to  IEEE Transaction on Wireless Communication.

–         IETF standards

  1. “Logical Interface Support for multi-mode IP Hosts”, Approved as NETEXT Working Group Document, 2010, with T.Melia, S.Gundavelli, H.Yokata, Y.G.Hong, K.Leung, C.J.B Cano, A.Oliva, J.C.Zuniga.
  2. “Flow mobility support in PMIPv6”, IETF Internet draft, Work in progress, with Y.H.Han, Y.G.Hong
  3. “Flow tracking procedure for PMIPv6”, IETF Internet draft, Work in progress, with Y.H.Han, Y.G.Hong.
  4. “Virtual interface for supporting multihoming and inter technology handover” IETF Internet draft, Work in progress, with Y.G.Hong.

Conference papers

  1. T.M.Trung, Y.G.Hong,  J.S.Park “A Load Aware Hybrid Channel Assignment for Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Network”, IEEE COIN, Korea, 2010
  2. J. W. Lee, J. Mo, T.M. Trung, J. Walrand, and H.S.W. So, “ WiFLEX: Multi-Channel Cooperative MAC Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Devices ,” WCNC, USA, 2008 .
  3. T.M.Trung , J. Mo, ” A new scheme to support voice call over wireless multi-channel MAC protocol, ” HUT-ICCE 2006,Vietnam, 2006
  4. N.T.T.THao, T.M.Trung , Min-Ho Kang, and Man-Seop Lee; ” An Effective and Applicable Approach for Traffic Grooming in Large WDM Mesh Network s” COIN-NGNCON2006,Korea, 2006
  5. Y.Han, C.H.Youn, T.M.Trung , W.S.Kim, L.Zhang; “Optimal Load Scheduling Mechanism and a Mobile-to-Grid Gateway Model for e-Health Service in Wireless Grid” 6th IEEE CIT,Korea, 2006
  6. T.M.Trung , Y.K. Moon, C.H.Youn, ” A Gateway Replication Scheme for Improving the Reliability of Mobile-to-Grid Services “, in Proc. IEEE Computer Society, IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering,China,Beijing, 2005.
  7. T.M.Trung , N.T.T.Thao, J.H.Mo, “A Simple Cost and Time Efficient Traffic Grooming Algorithm” , in Proc. The 4th International Conference on Optical Communications and Networks (ICOCN2005) & IEEE Traffic grooming workshop, Boston, USA, 2005.
  8. Y.H.Moon, T.M.Trung , C.H.Youn, S.H.Sun, J.J.Yeop, ” Wireless Grid Middleware Architecture for Providing Reliable Services ” in Proc. Tencon ‘05 – IEEE Region 10 Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2005.
  9. Y.H.Moon, T.M.Trung , C.H.Youn, B.H.Lee, C.H.Ahn, S.J.Kwon, ” A Passive Replication Model and Cost-constraint Algorithm for highly reliable Wireless Grid “, IEEE/IFIP workshop on Autonomic Grid Networking and Management ,Barcelona,Spain, 2005.
  10. T.M.Trung , S-.L. Kim, ” Flood Filtering and Route Selection for Energy-Efficient On-Demand Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks”, in Proc. IFIP Wireless On-demand Network Systems , Trento, Italy, 2004, also edited by Lecture Note in Computer Science , Springer-Verlag.
  11. T.M.Trung , S-.L. Kim, ” ERA: Energy-Saving Routing Algorithms for Ad Hoc Networks ” in Proc. Australian Telecommunications, Networks and Applications Conference ,Melbourne,Australia, 2003.
  12. T.M.Trung , W.Cho, M.H.Ryu, R.Jntti, S-.L.Kim: Some Results on Energy – Efficient Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Lifetime Maximization Perspective , presented at Helsinki University of Technology Control Group Workshop , Filand, 2003.

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